Thursday, May 29, 2008

Show your Colors & Eat Sweet Treats with OBOG

The Boutique has been a buzz creating new designs for the Summer of 2008
and re-Launching a few Favorites

We are also getting closer to getting our own Website up
I have realized I can't do it all
so I have enlisted the the help of
Absolutely Charming Designs
They have done a fantastic job for me in the past creating an outstanding
logo and template for The Stud Shoppe
I can't wait to see what wonderful things they come up with this time

With the site in good hands, I have been working on New Designs
and couldn't resist listing this
Patriotic "Made in the USA"
matching Brother & Sister
Bling Tees

Bella and Trenton had so much Fun taking pictures together
and Trenton was happy that Mom finally made a shirt for Him!

The "Made in the USA" Bling Tees
are at Auction now so you can have them in time for the 4th!

BLB Boutique asked me to join them for their Ice Cream Social
I jumped at the chance to work with my good friends again
and offer my
"Sweet Sundae" Bling Tee

To coordinate with all their Yummy Fashions!

These items are also at Auction now
Search BLB Boutique on eBay to find all the coordinating items


Monday, May 26, 2008


On May 17th Miss Bella turned 4 years old!
And if you ask her, she'd tell you
"It was the Best Day Ever"

Not only did she have Cake
She got her own Ironing Board
(that was Top on the wish list)
Garden Tools, Wheel Barrel, Watering Can
Doodle Bear, Stampers, Craft Supplies and so Much More
The living room has looked like a tornado hit it this past week!

It was also a day of Smiling faces

Water Slides

Pinata Fun

I don't know if Trenton was happier about Dora's head being knocked off
or the Candy and Toys that came out ;)


It was a great day and after everyone was gone...
Bella took another step to becoming a Big Girl

She sent her Binky to the Binky Fairy!

We have been working toward this day since her last birthday
Yes it's been a long and Binky road
We weened her to only using them when she napped and slept
She really relied on them at those times so this was not something she wanted to do
But we told her all Children turning 4 had to give their Binkies to the Binky Fairy
(Children can be so accepting some times)

So like I said after everyone was gone
Bella & her Binkies began their tearful journey

A last Good-Bye

I did say Tearful

But she let them go on Her Own when She was Ready
And Up they went...

"Daddy, is the Binky Fairy going to take Good Care of them?"
"Yes, Miss Bella, very good care" :)

Although Bella has asked for her Binky every night since
She still says
this was "The Best Day Ever"
If only she knew how many more were to come
I Love You Big Girl!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bling Tee Collaborations

OBOG has been busy Dazzling Tees to match beautiful Boutique Outfits by some Fabulous Designers!

My good friend Jamie of RMX Designs and I have teamed up to bring you an updated version of our popular Goldie Set
The Auction Ends Sunday May 25th

Goldie Tee

NEW Design & Collaboration for 2008!

For this Adorable Happy Hippo Design
I have teamed up with "GlamRags Originals"
and "My 2 RedHeads Bowtique"
Both are my design group mates from
On the Avenue
Auction Ends May 28th

Happy Hippo Tee


Saturday, May 10, 2008

4 Week Garden Update

4 Weeks into our Square Foot Garden
Everything is Growing & Blooming

I can't believe how many flowers are on the Tomato Plants!
Here are the first signs of our future harvest

Bella has been waiting patiently for her first Strawberry to ripen.
Hopefully she'll get to it before a bird spots it.

Last weekend we built a 1x8 Foot Garden Box.
For Cantaloupe, Watermelon and Pumpkins.
These will grow vertically (We Hope)
The Cantaloupe and Watermelon have already sprouted.
(I don't think we will be planting the pumpkin seeds for another couple months)
I'll show pictures of those in a few weeks after the vertical structure is built.

We also have plans & seeds to add another 4x4 Foot Garden Bed.

This may be a little ambitious but it has been so easy & fun :)


Friday, May 9, 2008

Clean Cut

Well, not so Clean Cut
Mr. Cool, aka. Trenton got a much need haircut
He was starting to do that funny head tilt to keep his hair out of his eyes and looking too much like a teenager!

Here he is before his haircut attempting to do his homework through a mop of hair

Lookie, now he has eyes!

Now for the Clean portion of our post

Bella went for her first dentist appointment!
She is getting so big, she didn't even want me to come in the room with her!
Is this the same little girl that dropped out of dance and refused to go to preschool?

Yes, I know she looks really frightened in the picture.
She just had her fluoride treatment and had sticky stuff on her teeth.
Really, She can't wait to go back!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Picture Perfect Present

WARNING Grandmas Stop Here
Do Not Read This Post!

On any given day Bella has the kitchen table filled with craft supplies.
She paints, cuts, glues, and stamps all day long!

The other day she pulled out a bag of beans and asked for glue and paper.

With Mother's Day right around the corner it made me think back to a project I made for my mom when I was in nursery school.

A legume picture frame, with an adorable picture of me in it, wearing a dress my mom made!
(I wish I had that picture but I don't...Hey Liz (my big sis), I think you have a copy! Send me one, Pretty Please with Sugar on Top)

Anyway... way back when,
I made mine using a cardboard picture frame.
For the updated version Bella and I found a box of old wooden frames in the garage.
We sanded a few, cleaned them and Bella quickly got to work

I think her favorite part was painting the glue on

I showed her how to neatly place the beans on one at a time but she preferred her own method of dumping a handful and squishing them down...
Well that works too, lol

After the frames dried we went out for a modeling session
Something she is actually starting to enjoy

And here we have a picture & frame that any Mom or Grandma (shh, don't tell) would love!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Stud Shoppe: Mother's Day Promo

In Honor of Mother's Day
(next Sunday...Don't Forget)
The Stud Shoppe is offering a Week Long
Shipping & Freebie Special!

$20.00 or more and get FREE 1st Class SHIPPING

$50.00 or more FREE 1st Class SHIPPING & FREE 1 Gross 10ss Hot Fix COBALT Rhinestones

$100.00 or more FREE 1st Class SHIPPING & FREE 5 Gross of ANY Hot Fix Rhinestone or Rhinestud (In stock items ONLY)

SORRY International Buyers This offer is ONLY Good for Shipping within the US & Canada
BUT you are eligible for the FREEBIES when spending $50.00-100.00+
(Promotion Ends May 11th)

Along with this promotion we are still offering our weekly .99 Auctions

Stop by and Check it out!


Monday, May 5, 2008

Calling All Dreamers & Doers!

It's time for Martha's annual "Dreamers into Doers" Contest
Have you turned your Hobby into a Business?
If your doing what you love everyday and making money at it you could Win $10,000 from Martha and appear on her show!

I don't think I am ready to enter this contest just yet (Oh, but I will someday, lol)

But if you are..head on over to the Contest page and enter from May 2nd - July 11th
You can even nominate someone you admire!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Book Review: Crafting a Business

I love books about crafting, sewing, designing, etc...
While making a book purchase on Amazon, the site suggested the book
Country Living's
"Crafting a Business ~ Make Money Doing What You Love"
by Kathie Fitzgerlad

Well that that describes Me, so I had to have it!

The book brings together 31 Crafty Entrepreneurs (all women).
The first half of the book provides 2-3 pages about each women. In their own words they tell you how they started out, how they made their businesses a success and their goals for the future.

Each summary is inspirational and makes you believe that you can succeed in your own endeavors!

The second half of the book is a Business Workshop
Going over important information about
Writing a Business Plan, Financing, Product Development, Marketing & Sales, Financial Management, Staffing and Growing Bigger

Don't freak out!
It wasn't boring or drawn out. The book keeps each section brief, right to the point and scattered with personal tips from the 31 mentors.

Overall I found the book Informative and Inspiring
A Definite Keeper for the Bookshelf!